Air Heater Tubes - Duct Heater Electric.


Air Heater Tubes - Duct Heater Electric.

Air Heater Tubes

air heater tubes

Romex clamp, if qualified

Romex clamp, if qualified

CAUTION: Only qualified individuals should be allowed to work with electricity. Do not peform the actions seen and described here unless you are qualified

CAUTION: After you've made all your solder joints and reattached the pressure relief tubing, open your home's water valves and the valve to the tank and allow water to flow. It may take several minutes for your faucets to stop spitting out air, and flow water continuously. Run the faucets on both the hot and cold, until your system is fully charged with fresh water. Failure to do so before re-wiring and turning on your new heater, will void the warranty and cause it to burn out.

Here we are attaching the romex clamp by turning it onto the nut underneath. We do not need to turn the nut, so much as the top portion with the screws, using a pair of channel locks. Performing this, and all work, should be done with the statement "in a neat, and workman-like manner" in mind. Meaning for instance, these screw heads should be facing a logical direction when done, such as perpendicular to a wall, and not such that you need to hold your screwdriver over by the water pipe to get to the screw heads. The same goes when putting in all valves. Take the time to think, and position each piece so that there's neatness and strategy behind it. Another example of this strategy might be how I positioned my shutoff valve to face the opposite way of the pressure relief tube. That way, if something happens and the relief tube is blasting out hot water. I may be able to go to the OPPOSITE side of the tank, to turn off the valve, since that's where I strategically positioned it.

Notice the clear tube where you can see the metal supports

Notice the clear tube where you can see the metal supports

The tube is clear at the bottom (2nd from left) as I broke the tube.

Although I broke the vacuum in the tube , it should still work as the tube has an inner tube which heats the water .

Just that there won;t be a vacuum between the inner and outer tube, so it won;be so efficient at keeping the heat in.

With a vacuum intact, water temperature was 55C and without was 45C. Air maybe a good insulator but vacuum is better.

air heater tubes

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